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Dear Tulsa Nationals soccer family,


Soccer in Oklahoma has been a passion of mine since I came to the state in 1978.  I have dedicated nearly 40 years to the growth and development of soccer in Oklahoma. As Director of Coaching for the Tulsa Nationals Soccer Club, I have a long-standing association with Oklahoma Soccer Association (OSA). My teams have been registered through OSA since the inception of Tulsa Nationals Soccer Club in 1995. Our teams recently played in the Interstate League which gave them the opportunity to travel and see a variety of opponents outside of Oklahoma.


This past week, five Oklahoma based competitive clubs announced that they were going to sanction with US Club versus OSA, who is sanctioned by US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA).  I have taken a moment to reflect on what is the true priority for youth soccer in our state.  I believe that all clubs need to work together and play together to achieve a better soccer product for all participants.  Splitting teams between US Club and USYSA does nothing to build or advance soccer in the state.


Accordingly, Tulsa Nationals intends to stay committed to Oklahoma Soccer Association and continue to compete in state USYSA leagues, including OPL, OCL, SRPL regional leagues, State and President’s Cup competitions, and any regional leagues where there are geographically sensible partners.


I know there are still questions as to how you, as individual Tulsa National members will be impacted. 


Training – Training methods are similar between USYSA and US Club.  Both organizations will continue to provide support and guidance related to continuing coach and player training techniques.


Game Schedules – I do believe that all competitive teams across the state of Oklahoma will be impacted as far as league bracketing is concerned.  However, it is important to keep in mind that there are approximately 23 competitive clubs across Oklahoma.  What this means is that instead of Tulsa Nationals team bracketing with teams from one of the five departing clubs, the bracket will now include teams from the remaining 18 USYSA/OSA competitive clubs.  In a way, a benefit as now we will play teams that we may have only seen in a tournament.


At this point, the soccer landscape is not entirely clear.  As clarity is added, I will continue communicating to you.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




Victor Moreland


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